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Intimacy and Meaning

Intimacy and Meaning You are the Intimacy and meaning that you seek. It is the need to protect and control...
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Awakening Love – workshop for couples

  Reaching each other through truly listening and deeply seeing… To be a real “Love-team” is to really be there...
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Free movement

I love that I am free to change. The meaning of that implies that everything in me would be free...
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First there is no problem

First there is no problem - first there is an inner way of being that is true. No matter what...
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Being depth of meaning

I see life as a magical mystery that keeps inviting me into more. A strong inner search for truth and...
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The Transformational Power of Your Heart

The heart can take and transform anything – take that in for a moment... It has the ability to purify...
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A Call for Change

This world and humanity is changing. I see us in the midst of a huge shift between the old world...
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