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A Call for Change

This world and humanity is changing.
I see us in the midst of a huge shift between the old world that is collapsing and the new world awakening. We are being called into a different time-era and we need to allow the change to naturally and organically unfold, I believe. I see this call for change happening in the world around us and in each one of us. But in this “in between state” it might be quite confusing at times to clearly see and understand what is being asked of us and where we are going. And thus we can easily overlook or turn away from that which is calling us and keep struggling in old ways, keeping something going that doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

What is called for, as I see it, is a new way of being. A way that will change the way we experience our selves and this reality. It is change generated from within instead of change based on ideals and beliefs to achieve certain outcomes, which is the way of the old world. It is a shift in orientation, living from inside-out instead of outside-in. In that, we can’t first want to secure anything. In that we have to listen for what is first more quiet and more subtle, to let what we know in the depth of our heart have way.

A profound life crises can trigger us out of an old way of doing into a new way of being. They are not pain free but I know they come with a call for us to open in a new way. -that they are opportunities for us to develop, grow and unfold more of our incredible potential.

For real change to happen, for that crises to be a door into something more, something real and new, we will have to be willing to be in the experience of “not knowing”. For how can we know what we don’t yet know? How can we know the new when it’s new? When we believe that we are supposed to know that “not knowing” seems scary and wrong, we automatically reach out for something of the “old” to fill the emptiness of the gaps in our life. It is so easy to bypass this opportunity and establish our selves in something old that seems new. But that will just feed and strengthen the old and close the door for the new birthing that first implies the willingness to “die”. Because that is how it can feel when nothing works – and we “don’t know”.

Yet, if we can be okay and rested in trusting that life is taking a turn that we didn’t plan and that this is not because something went wrong or we failed. If we can welcome it as an invitation to open, to see and allow the change it invites us into, we can embark on a real adventure into the mystery we are.


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