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The Transformational Power of Your Heart

The heart can take and transform anything – take that in for a moment…
It has the ability to purify and reconfigure us to become what we were meant to be – Real human Beings – Beings of love.
Imagine that you were able to be love in the face of anything. That you were able to stay open, present and rested in your heart no matter the circumstance…I believe that when we imagine that we can get a sense of the beauty, clarity and strength a person like that would have, would radiate – and it might make you think of people in our past history that stood out and changed something in the world because of that, because they never left the open heart, never left what they knew the truth of no matter the price. Imagine you doing the same; if you were first to be what you are and what you know in the stillness of your heart – in all areas of your life…

In the depth of the heart there is no polarity, no “right and wrong” there is unity – oneness. So when we drop into that level inside us, our perspective on everything shifts from being self-oriented to love-oriented. In the heart we naturally feel belonging. This is where we are home. It is in the warmth of the rested heart when we are simply open and without agenda that we see; that nothing and no one can ever take anything real away nor can add anything to what we really are – to what  first really matters.

I have many times heard people express how they believe that it is somewhat dangerous to open to be unprotected to feel hurt. But it`s not about that. This is not what happens. There is an alchemical process taking place when we in the midst of tension, of holding on to being in control or in any kind of difficulty simply relax into openness. What takes place is an inner cleansing – a purification of our selves that open us to a deeper level – a deeper version of us and reality. It might,for a moment feel a bit confusing to our usual survival and mind-oriented selves; like not knowing ” in or out”, feeling vulnerable and exposed as we drop into the heart level. For in the realm of the heart the laws, the way we see, what we know and who we are, are so different from our polarized selves. It might first feel like a loss of something – maybe even a huge loss. As we are actually shifting from one level of reality into another.  It is a huge shift – or maybe rather; A small shift with a huge effect.

It is moving from the level of opinions, will and emotion, a coarser level so to speak, into a much finer vibration. Here we are home. When we stay in this and live from this we bring what is so much more real, pure and authentic in us, into our lives and into this world. This is what I see as real transformation.

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