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Being depth of meaning

I see life as a magical mystery that keeps inviting me into more. A strong inner search for truth and deeper meaning has been alive in me for as long as I can remember. As if there was something I needed to find– to come into, that would answer my deepest questions about who and what we are – and show me what this life is really all about.

My life has taken many unexpected turns through the years, that all was calls for me to expand and to step forward into more undiscovered land. Some of the shifts and turns have shocked me to the core and others have been gradual and gentle and both have been essential. The greatest ones have seemed to claim all that I was holding on to, calling me to move in ways other than I might have preferred or chosen. They came through awakenings that moved me deeper than the bliss and the beauty in the heart, into levels that were unfamiliar and more transformational.

I have come to know and love that when I follow the deepest call everything else falls into place and it has often left me with wonder when what seemed to be a cost to pay revealed itself as nothing real at all. In its place, every time, more love and meaning has streamed in. I have come to know my self as that deeper meaning, as that love, and somewhere inside I now know even deeper than that.

The profound openings and the broader perspective they have brought to my life are what truly moves me to connect with others and guide them into what heals. It is my love to continue to share with you, what I know see and love.

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