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First there is no problem

First there is no problem – first there is an inner way of being that is true.

No matter what life situation I find my self in – no matter what crises or difficulty I experience, I know in the quietest depth of my heart that it is first not a problem. I find it quite astunning how far that realization takes me, how it is able to open and free my whole life if I relax into the perspective this knowing offers.

I have come to see that whenever there seems to be an emotional issue with anything, whenever there is a tightening inside me – I am off. I am wanting something, holding on to something – weather inside or outside, that I honestly and deeper inside know is not true, is not a real need. And it goes with every area on any level of my life and span from being very loud and obvious to very very subtle. Underneath the misconception and in dropping deeper inside, I am aware that it is possible to relax and be okay even whilst something feels very difficult and even painful. I am not my experience, I am something else.

I can see that if I, even in the midst of pressure and difficulty,  open, relax and remain quiet inside, I can make a shift into something more real that is first very unfamiliar, allmost like not being “me”. That in not engaging in thoughts and emotions and the experiences that create in my body it is possible to stay present and open in something difficult, without a story about it – making it a problem. And I see that this is how my self will change and become like nature; Pure!



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