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Free movement

I love that I am free to change.

The meaning of that implies that everything in me would be free to move and change inside and outside. It is the ultimate permission for me – it immediately opens me. I so love what that invites me into…

By setting me free from having to keep my self together in any particular and preferred form I am free to be new, free to not have a clue about what I am, freeing me from me, to be; all I am.

I also see how moving freely inside and outside without first having to secure anything and keep anything in place is what allows me to be honest. When I stop that flow because I want to control how I open, how I could change, I basically move against my self and put up walls between me and what I am. I become dishonest.

I have heard and have loved being shown that everything needs to be free to move for there to be honesty and realness, for there to be real meaning – and I get it.

When everything is free to change there is love – love is what moves. We can then relax and be taken by that free movement within that knows how to be and move as small children do, without thoughts and judgements – just from an open pure innocence of being.

Maybe you have seen or experienced your self what happens when someone, or you, is asked how it would be if they were totally free to move and be and live exactly as they really knew to. It instantly lights up something inside and a deeper honesty opens, relaxes, awakes  and moves. The invitation is enough to point us to a deeper level of  honesty and way of being that we know of and love.

To be free to change is to be free to live. It is a permission only we can give our selves. To allow newness by letting change open it all from inside and out.

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