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Awakening Love – workshop for couples


Reaching each other through truly listening and deeply seeing…

To be a real “Love-team” is to really be there for each other; to listen to the deeper and finer streams flowing between you – to be available for what is there just a little deeper than the habitual and familiar ways of being which opens nurturing intimate togetherness.

 When couples first come together in love they are so present with each other. They want to know “everything” about that beautiful and magical other  that moves and stir so much in them – it’s enigmatic and irresistible and the lights are ON!

Everything is new when that happens and so are we. We don’t really know who or what we are in the presence of this new love – we are out of our comfort zone, a bit shaken maybe – but unmistakably alive! We have opened beyond the familiar way of relating to our selves and our life and see everything in this new light.

It is possible to live that way, to be like that in all of our life. But because of our habits and preferences of needing to be in control and secure what we believe we have and need, of keeping life safe and predictable, we loose touch with the magic of a life continuously unfolding in wondrous newness.

We can hold on to that perceived sense of control only until something again happens that shakes us up, some crisis or other unpredictable occurrences like falling in love 🙂 and we again are faced with the fact that what we are believing we are holding together and are in control of and rely on, isn’t ours to keep – isn’t to take for granted.

In relationships this easily translates into a way of being together where the openness, the deep seeing and the real listening, slowly slowly (and sometimes not so slowly…) over time is covered by the filters made up of what we think we know – what we have already concluded about our selves and our loved ones. And in this we easily end up in fixed roles and with our interactions mostly centered around practicalities. We have then unconsciously cut off so much of what is possible in us – of what we truly are. It might feel safe but it has a price…


Workshop for couples:

In the “Awakening Love” workshops you will tune in to the finer, richer, more real and magical levels in each other

You will through simple relaxing contact exercises and inquiries be guided to meet, See, share and listen to each other from an unfiltered, sensitive and open relating that takes you beyond the habitual ways of meeting with each other and into new discovery and intimate communing.

The workshop will guide you into how to be, meet and listen to each other in your daily life, so that you can grow together as a “Love-team” and your relationship be the place that nourishes and supports you in being who you are, in the continuous allowance of opening, growing, changing and becoming…

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