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Intimacy and Meaning

Intimacy and Meaning

You are the Intimacy and meaning that you seek. It is the need to protect and control that prevents us from being real, from being this nurturing intimacy. But without the willingness to be vulnerable, to be without defence – to be open in whatever arises, we can not get to know the meaning and intimacy we are.
Meaning and intimacy Is something we usually seek outside of our selves, through others, experiences, and through approaching goals in life.
Yet meaning is what moves in you, as you, when you are deeply rested in your heart, just simply being what you are.
We were all being that as small children – happy without a reason, and when we relax into the rested-ness in the open heart, we will easily come in to touches of the sweet innocence that we lost touch with along the way – that re-aligns us with the purity and simplicity we once naturally were.
When we meet with each other as this openness, intimacy moves in us and we know our connection and belonging – we are One.

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