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Being One offers counselling and workshops for individuals, friends, families and couples.



     Being One Counselling helps people to:

  • Live authentically, from a deeper honesty and Love
  • Awaken inner essential qualities and recources
  • Deepen and grow in their relations with others
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Uncover answers to deep inner longings
  • Find clarity, purpose and direction in life
  • To live as Love…






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Being One offers Counselling and Workshops for Individuals, and Couples.


Being One Counselling, is about supporting others in being whole and unified, rather than being split from our true being. That movement begins with an honest listening to our hearts. When we deeply relax and open, our awareness expands and we are liberated from being held together by our restricted and conditioned mind, allowing us to realize and awaken to more of what we truly are. This is where we find our real belonging – our connectedness with everyone and everything. It is where real meeting and intimacy naturally flows, and where we feel at home in our first nature, as Love. . .


Counselling online or “face to face”

Workshops to be announced soon. . .




A Brief Introduction

I invite you to step deeper within you, where problems are opportunities, and difficulty opens up more of you, leading to a whole new way of being in life.



“Awaken your Heart” workshops – “Awakening Love” for Couples and private hosted ‘HeartSpace” gatherings in your  home or other place of your choice!

All the workshops is to gently invite you and your dear ones out of the habitual ways of relating and into the mystery – into the honesty, magic and beauty of our hearts.


What clients say

“I have had a fantastic time, since my session with you – you really put my head and heart back I their right place and I have felt such an inner peace and joy of life ever since. My heart is open and now without fear.”

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