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A Brief Introduction


Suzan Erritzoe is an experienced Danish Counsellor, Teacher and Workshop Facilitator, and the founder of Being One.  She has been seeing clients individually for over 20 years as well as guiding groups in meditation and mindfulness, and leading workshops in how to align with deeper levels of our heart and being. Her work is based on a transpersonal approach to life – helping others to reconnect with deeper aspects of who they are, and how to let that enlighten and transform their daily lives.

Suzan offers counselling and workshops for anyone who wish to reconnect with what they truly know and love – with a depth of heart, that heals, nourishes and fulfills.

She believes that every difficulty or issue in this existence has the potential to act as a door into more real meaning and pure goodness – to point us in the ”right” direction; to where we long to be.

Her many years of training, her professional experience, and her own inner and outer life journey, has given her a unique presence and the ability to guide her clients into a way of being that initiates an awakening in the heart, bringing us back to the beauty of what we first truly are and love.

For more information about Suzan and her background, go to the “About me” page in the menuline.


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